Hello, I’m a straw man

February 20, 2007

I happened across the latest Mitchell & Webb print advert for Apple yesterday. I don’t know how this campaign is playing among the general public, but to me it seems simply dishonest. “I was made for the office,” proclaims David Mitchell, in his persona as a PC: “To do the serious stuff you have to do, like spreadsheets and timesheets and pie charts. . . . I think computers are meant for work, and fun is just a waste of time.” I’m sorry? Sure, the PC was originally made for work back in 1981; but buy a PC today and it will come with multi-channel audio, 3D graphics acceleration and a raft of home productivity applications. It will also support an enormous catalogue of games, very few of which are available for the Mac.

I could be persuaded that I wanted a Mac, if Apple would take an honest look at the issue from my perspective and demonstrate how the benefits of migrating would outweigh the costs. Right now, however, they seem to be telling me that I should buy a Mac because it’s not possible to have fun on a PC. This isn’t persuasive in itself, since I know it’s not true — and that in turn gives me a certain idea of how Apple relates to its customers. No thanks.


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