Wow is… what?

February 26, 2007

Waterloo tube station is festooned today with billboards advertising Windows Vista. It seems that Vista is a great new accessory for your Wow. I have no idea what a Wow is, but so far as I can make out from the adverts, it’s something that Vista can improve, or safeguard, or maybe help you to locate.

And I can buy Vista today? Where’s my wallet?!

As you know, I think Apple’s current marketing campaign makes some pretty shabby claims, but I do at least respect the way it makes a straightforward point. Being addressed as an adult appeals to me a lot more than Microsoft’s shiny fantasies. The Vista campaign suggests to me that either MS don’t credit consumers with enough intelligence to choose an operating system on its actual merits; or they know that if they were to give consumers the information they’d need to make that choice, not many of them would choose to pay for Vista.

And the sad thing is, they’re probably right on both counts.


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